How to Download or Ordering Photos - 2020photos

Here is a quick guide to downloading single images or a complete album.

Also a guide to choosing, cropping and ordering your prints.

Selecting The Gallery

Gallery Select

From the -ordering homepage , scroll down and select the appropriate category of photography.

If ready - the desired gallery should be easy to find, just by recognising the wedding couple! If password protection has been requested by the wedding couple this will need to be entered to access the photos.

Downloading Images


Click on download icon highlighted

How to download a single or multiple images.

Select the desired image from the thumbnails on the left side of the screen. Once selected click on the download image icon at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Your computer will then download your image to your downloads folder, or ask you a location to save the file.

Repeat this process for all the images that you wish to download.

How to Download Entire Gallery

Our image hosting provider charges a small admin fee, to process a zip file to download an entire gallery.

To purchase this 'zip file' select ADD TO CART > Buy Gallery Download
You can then choose to download the album as either web size or high resolution.

Buy entire album download


Purchasing Quality Printed Products

You can purchase a variety of products including a selection of image sizes. The products available and the price, will be dependant on the original package bought.

Buying Multiple Photos


Select Product and Images

The best way to purchase multiple products and different images, is to select ADD TO CART > Photos from this Gallery.

You can then use the drop down menus and selection tools to make your decisions. With the option of cropping all of these images later in your cart.

Buy single print


Checkout Cart


Great Value - Photo Package Deals


Super Value Wall and Print Packages


Important - Check Crop of Each Image

It is important to check the crop of each image before proceeding through checkout. This will depend of the size of the print product ordered.